family portraits


This session was one for the books. I knew going into this shoot that I was going to get beautiful photos, because I knew I was working with some seriously beautiful people! BUT until I got to spend some time with the Chavez Family I didn’t realize just how beautiful they really are.

Izzy and I worked together at the elementary school where I am blessed to be a school counselor. Izzy served as our School Resource Officer for much of this school year, and seeing him with our students was truly something special. They ADORE him. The energy and love he gave our kiddos at school was rivaled only by how much he dedicates to his own daughter. You see, I knew Izzy was a wonderful human being from working with him - but I also knew how gorgeous his wife and daughter are because he never missed an opportunity to show all of us photos and videos of his precious family! Like I said - wonderful human being.

Planning ahead for the session Izzy was quick to warn me that as cute as his daughter is, she does not like photos, will not smile, and has a bit of a ‘tude. Challenge accepted!

I’m pleased to say not only did this little angel girl smile, laugh, and baby shark (it’s a verb at this point) her way throughout our session, but we became the best of friends by the end of our time together! *photo evidence included below* I seriously didn’t want to let her go. Can you blame me?! LOOK AT HERRRR <3

Thank you, Chavez Family for being so lovable (and so ridiculously photogenic)! Let’s do this again soon!

With love,



If, 2 years ago, you had told me I'd be taking photos that look like this of people who look and love like this, I'd have fainted. 

Taylor and Zach are THE sweetest couple. Their beautiful son Jaxson just turned 3 weeks old and we celebrated by taking his newborn photos in his favorite place to be - home, with mom and dad and the pups! His nursery was straight out of a pinterest dreamland, and I swear he got cuter by the second. I can't wait for Jaxson to realize how cool and beautiful his parents are and how much they absolutely adore him! I have the pics to prove it. ❤

Taylor found me on Facebook, so I'd like to publicly thank Mark Zuckerberg for making this GORGEOUS lifestyle session possible.