boho wedding


Carla and Ricky married one another 10 years ago. They had so much fun at their wedding they decided to renew their vows 10 years later in their favorite vacation spot on Manasota Key, Florida! Carla and Ricky renewed their vows in front of their closest loved ones in front of Castaway Condos on Englewood Beach in a sweet, personal ceremony honoring their beautiful history together.

These two are so laid back and easy-going. Couples like Carla and Ricky are so fun to work with because they are completely themselves and that shines through in photos. These photos show exactly what it was like witnessing them exchanging their vows again - warm, loving, and sincere. Carla describes Ricky as good and patient, and a hardworking man and father. She said she falls in love with him any time she sees his with their daughters. Ricky shared he loves seeing Carla with their girls, too. That she teaches them to be strong and self confident (I could see this even in the short time I spent with them). Ricky calls Carla the rock that holds their family together. He would know better than I would, but they seem like an incredible team to me.

Carla + Ricky’s ceremony was heartfelt and personal, ending with a ceremonial shell toss into the ocean to bless the future of their relationship and in remembrance of the family members who could not be present (but would have been so proud). It was beautiful, and I loved being there for it. Sending you all my love as you continue in your marriage, Carla and Ricky!




What can I even begin to say about Ali and Tye and their wedding day? These two are gentle, intentional, and stylish as ALL GET OUT. I’m about to be all kinds of lame and say that Ali and Tye prove “your vibe attracts your tribe”. Ali and Tye eloped the day before their backyard jubilee and then celebrated with friends and family at their home. It was so, so beautiful and it was obvious their guests felt right at home too. Honestly? I even felt at home! Ali and Tye have a warmth about them that makes you feel safe and welcomed and it radiates through them into their relationship with one another. <3 Ali and Tye, 2.16.2019