Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales provided the perfect backdrop for Zoe and Brody’s Engagement Session! Despite the heat we walked all over the gorgeous property and had a laid-back, but super special shoot. Zoe and Brody are so sweet with one another and keep each other laughing NON STOP. It made my job so easy because they both had perma-smiles the entire time. Also, I’m convinced Zoe’s laugh could bring world peace. It is one of those laughs that makes you laugh even if you missed the joke (which I did most of the time because these two are seemingly in their own amazing, loving world together)!

I am SO looking forward to photographing their wedding at Red, White, and Blues Blueberry Farm outside of Gainesville, FL TOMORROW! Zoe, can you believe it?! It’s HEREEEE! Ahh, cannot wait!




Carla and Ricky married one another 10 years ago. They had so much fun at their wedding they decided to renew their vows 10 years later in their favorite vacation spot on Manasota Key, Florida! Carla and Ricky renewed their vows in front of their closest loved ones in front of Castaway Condos on Englewood Beach in a sweet, personal ceremony honoring their beautiful history together.

These two are so laid back and easy-going. Couples like Carla and Ricky are so fun to work with because they are completely themselves and that shines through in photos. These photos show exactly what it was like witnessing them exchanging their vows again - warm, loving, and sincere. Carla describes Ricky as good and patient, and a hardworking man and father. She said she falls in love with him any time she sees his with their daughters. Ricky shared he loves seeing Carla with their girls, too. That she teaches them to be strong and self confident (I could see this even in the short time I spent with them). Ricky calls Carla the rock that holds their family together. He would know better than I would, but they seem like an incredible team to me.

Carla + Ricky’s ceremony was heartfelt and personal, ending with a ceremonial shell toss into the ocean to bless the future of their relationship and in remembrance of the family members who could not be present (but would have been so proud). It was beautiful, and I loved being there for it. Sending you all my love as you continue in your marriage, Carla and Ricky!




This session was one for the books. I knew going into this shoot that I was going to get beautiful photos, because I knew I was working with some seriously beautiful people! BUT until I got to spend some time with the Chavez Family I didn’t realize just how beautiful they really are.

Izzy and I worked together at the elementary school where I am blessed to be a school counselor. Izzy served as our School Resource Officer for much of this school year, and seeing him with our students was truly something special. They ADORE him. The energy and love he gave our kiddos at school was rivaled only by how much he dedicates to his own daughter. You see, I knew Izzy was a wonderful human being from working with him - but I also knew how gorgeous his wife and daughter are because he never missed an opportunity to show all of us photos and videos of his precious family! Like I said - wonderful human being.

Planning ahead for the session Izzy was quick to warn me that as cute as his daughter is, she does not like photos, will not smile, and has a bit of a ‘tude. Challenge accepted!

I’m pleased to say not only did this little angel girl smile, laugh, and baby shark (it’s a verb at this point) her way throughout our session, but we became the best of friends by the end of our time together! *photo evidence included below* I seriously didn’t want to let her go. Can you blame me?! LOOK AT HERRRR <3

Thank you, Chavez Family for being so lovable (and so ridiculously photogenic)! Let’s do this again soon!

With love,



When I first met Amber and Chaz I made a total fool of myself. I walked right up to them and was like "CONGRATULATIONS!" and Amber smiled and laughed and said, "for what?? Oh, we aren't engaged". 

(Wahhh foot in mouth)! But it was an HONEST MISTAKE. I mean... just LOOK AT THEM! So adorable, so in love, so perfect together! They were really sweet about the whole thing and I just can't gush about them enough.

Here is the best part: I can tell this story now because not long after our shoot, Chaz asked Amber to marry him and she said yes and THEY'RE ENGAGED! ❤ I love happy endings. Haha