My sleepy little beach town brings people from all over the world to enjoy its beaches and quaint style of life throughout the year - especially during the winter months and holiday season. The Urchell Family reached out to me about a session over the Thanksgiving holiday. After going back and forth a bit we realized that the only time that would work for both of our sets of schedules was going to be Thanksgiving Day.

People might say, โ€œgiiiirl, Thanksgiving Day is reserved for family. Why would you book a session?!โ€ (that was my best blogger/photographer message board member impression - itโ€™s okay Iโ€™m one of them, I can say these things). My response to that would be: photographing The Urchell Family gave me another group of people to celebrate on Thanksgiving this year. As a photographer I get to meet some truly wonderful people and this group is among the best, and I am SO thankful I met them!

With love,