Engagement shoots are my FAVORITE. I've said it once, and I will say it over and over again! They are so special and full of shared joy, and being in the presence of two people who are about to embark on forever together is a beautiful thing. Alexis and Justin are MEANT. TO. BE. I imagine most couples seem this way during an engagement session - but these two have something truly special.

There is so much trust and so much chemistry between them.

They are gentle and considerate while being wildly in love!

I met up with Alexis and Justin on Boca Grande, a gorgeous island with an idyllic town off of the Gulf Coast of Florida. Known for its white beaches, hand-scooped ice cream, and stunning homes boca grande was the perfect backdrop for their engagement session! We zipped around the island on a golf cart and took in the views while getting to know each other. It was one of the sweetest engagement sessions ever. 

Alexis and Justin were an unlikely pair since Alexis is from Florida and Justin is from Virginia. As luck would have it, Alexis moved to Virginia to attend college and happened to start working at an urgent care where one of Justin's old friends worked. At the time, Justin was raising baby calfs and he invited Alexis over to bottle feed them! Since Alexis is a normal, living, breathing human being she clearly had ZERO choice in the matter and OBVIOUSLY had to say yes to something so perfectly adorable. I mean... BABY CALFS? Helloooo too cute. (There is actually a tv show called "Too Cute" and it is all about baby animals. Yes, that's a link - you're welcome)!

Alexis says she knew Justin was the one since the day she met him. After they fed baby cows and she "crushed him in a word search" she said, "I thought to myself 'I am going to have to marry this man'!" 

They may be from different states, but these two were brought together for a reason. They were made for one another and it is so apparent! Alexis said that while each day brings new challenges and blessings, each day the Lord reassures her that Justin is the one! Justin knew Alexis was special from the day they met and on their one year anniversary he asked her to be his wife. *swoon* 

From the Bride-to-be: "On 5.25.17, our one year anniversary, Justin picked me up and told me we were going to a new restaurant for dinner. I was a little suspicious at first because he was being so secretive not telling me the name of the restaurant or anything! (I am the hardest person to surprise because I ask lots of questions and am good at figuring things out.) However I was not expecting what was to come.

Justin surprised me and took me to a sweet dinner for two set up on a private dock. He had it set up with flowers, twinkle lights, and barbecue chicken (a few of my favorite things). I thought that may be his big anniversary surprise. As we were eating I was so excited to give him his anniversary gift, tickets to the Raiders vs. Washington game I knew he had been wanting to go to a game for a long time so I wanted to surprise him with ticket. I thought my gift could not be topped. I was wrong.

Justin got me a mini polaroid camera which came to no surprise because thats what I said I wanted for a while. But I was curious as to what the second box had in it. When I opened it I saw a pretty book that had gold writing on it that said "Let Love Shine" at first I thought it was a photo album for all the little polaroid film. When I opened it I realized it was a wedding planning book and in that moment I knew either he was being really mean and teasing me with wedding stuff or he was proposing. I said "UH is this a wedding book?!" and thats when he pulled out the most gorgeous ring in the entire world out of his pocket and got down on one knee to ask me to marry him.

As the overly emotional person I am, I started crying, I was filled with a new love for my Justin and was so excited to finally get to talk about weddings around him! He said "can you stop crying and answer me so I don't start crying" and I clearly said YES to him being my forever."


Alexis and Justin are set to be married in Appomattox, Virginia at the Longacre Bed and Breakfast this October.

It's going to be a beautiful day celebrating true love!