Photo by Black & Hue Photography

Photo by Black & Hue Photography



I'm a beach bum who is hopelessly in love with her family, her books, and her queso. My clients have described me as laid-back, encouraging, and creative. When I plan out a shoot for a couple, individual, family, or brand - my goal is to hold space to allow that person, relationship, or brand reveal their best, most authentic parts. My favorite thing about my job is surprising people by showing them how beautiful they are to the rest of us.

things I love:

people + their stories | reading new books | reading the same books over and over | late nights + camp fires | theatre + film | family | friends that are family | trying new recipes | iced coffee (dirty chai lattes forever) | getting swept up in a TV series (always taking recommendations!) | chips + queso | sun-showers | loooong dinner dates

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